BLUE_BOOST has been recently extended until 31st July 2020 in order to implement a series of additional activities and events in the framework of the ADRION Programme’s Capitalisation Strategy. Within this Strategy, the projects have been grouped in Thematic Clusters (TCs) based on respective main activities. BLUE_BOOST is part of the “Blue growth and its related Smart growth” TC. 

The 1st ADRION Capitalization event was held in Rome in December 2019 and it represented the first opportunity to get in touch between projects involved in the same cluster, discussing respective project activities, possible synergies and complementarities.

Please consult the presentations of the event that are uploaded in the programme’s webpage for more information.

In general, each Thematic cluster is required by the Programme to perform the following 3 compulsory activities:
1. Organization and actively participation to at least 3 Thematic Cluster meetings with the involvement of all projects involved in that TC;
2. Participation in the ADRION Annual Event (now postponed to Autumn 2020*) and/or ADRION capitalization events where the presentation of outcomes of the capitalization activities and discussion on the potentials of the themes covered shall be envisaged;
3. Contribution to the update of the new ADRION web section on TC;

To the aforementioned three activities, the “Blue growth and its related Smart growth” Thematic Cluster has chosen 2 further activities from a predefined menu offered by the Programme:
4. Identification of new project ideas;
5. Thematic analysis, position papers.

After the formalization of the interest in participating in the cluster, the projects are expected to work together for the definition of a roadmap for the implementation of the activities inside the cluster, exchanging their calendar of events in order to define the most suitable ones to be used for capitalization purposes.

*In consideration of the current COVID-19 emergency situation and related constraints in terms of implementation of meetings and other activities, it can be reasonably expected that the BLUE_BOOST project shall be further extended until the end of 2020.