On 27 November 2020, representatives of the BLUE_BOOST partnership, relevant stakeholders, and interested individuals attended the project’s final event – Boosting the innovation potential of Blue Economy – held virtually.

Following the institutional greetings from the representatives of the University of Camerino (UNICAM) and County Chamber of Zadar, B_B partners shared, in a more detailed way, the process and results of the project. Throughout the entire event, participants had the chance to learn more about innovation agents and technology providers, as well as to see and hear about the benefits of BLUE_BOOST cooperation directly from the Innovation Voucher awardees. Indeed, thanks to BLUE_BOOST innovation vouchers, 35 awarded ADRION blue growth companies could actually implement an innovation process and thus improve their long term business perspective.

Esteemed speakers from DG Mare and EUSAIR shed a light on the topic of Blue Economy in the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, while the representatives from SVIM, European Crowdfunding Network, OGS, Croatian cluster MarC, CNR – IRBIM, and 3A Consulting Srl shared valuable insights during the virtual round table on Blue Finance and innovation. In the afternoon, the participants had the chance to hear also about other ADRION projects’ results and potential synergies.

The event was organised by project partner UNICAM, enabling a favourable ground for further knowledge transfer and discussion on Blue Economy and within traditional and emerging Blue Growth sectors in the ADRION region.


Watch the morning session

Watch the afternoon session