The BLUE_BOOST project has launched a transnational Call for Innovation Vouchers, through its Project Partners in their respective pilot areas. The Call is launched in the framework of the BLUE_BOOST Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme, through which at least 35 vouchers of max 10.000,00 euros each will be allocated to MSMEs & Start-Ups of the 7 PPs’ areas (at least 5 vouchers per Partner’s area).

The beneficiaries, Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) & Start-Ups, will have the opportunity, thanks to the vouchers, to improve their position all along the value chains of Blue Economy thanks to knowledge/technological skills provided by Knowledge Providers (KPs) who can be: Research, Development & Innovation bodies, Skilled Enterprises and Non Institutional New Innovation Agents (such as fab labs, maker spaces, co-working spaces, creative hubs, living labs, tech shops, contamination labs, etc.). The KPs should be already registered in the international BLUE_BOOST Knowledge Providers Gallery, which is available on the BLUE_BOOST Networking Platform

The aforementioned Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme represents the main action of the BLUE_BOOST project, whose central objective is to enhance the innovation capacities of Blue Sectors MSMES/START UPs of the 7 focused Adriatic-Ionian marine/maritime clusters (pilot areas), where project partners are based:
1) Zadar County (Croatia),
2) Marche Region (Italy),
3) Region of Central Macedonia (Greece),
4) Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy),
5) Coastal areas of Durres, Vlora, Saranda and Shengjin (Albania),
6) Region of Western Greece (Greece),
7) Apulia Region (Italy).

The goal of the BLUE_BOOST Transnational Innovation Voucher Scheme is to help MSMEs & Start-Ups to design and/or create, through small innovation projects, new products, services, processes or business models. Applications can include all stages of the innovation cycle -at technical, organizational and marketing level- from, conception & prototyping, transfer, patenting, commercialization, etc.

Applicants should be MSMEs and Start – ups:

  • With the headquarters of an operative registered office located in one of the BLUE_BOOST pilot regions;
  • Having an independent legal status (consortiums will be excluded);
  • Operating in at least one of the blue growth/blue economy sectors selected for its pilot area, which are reported in Annex 12 (each Partner has to add the sectors of its pilot area selected thanks to its FLAS report for the implementation of the Innovation Voucher);
  • Having selected a Knowledge Provider already registered in BLUE_BOOST Knowledge Providers’ Gallery (“KP Gallery”).
  • The application form (Annex 1) and other relevant Annexes, described analytically in the Call for Proposals, have to be sent by e-mail to the responsible BLUE_BOOST pilot partner, who represents the geographical area where the operative registered office of the Applicant is registered).
  • Closing day for the submission of Applications is the 30th of June 2019 at midnight CET. BLUE_BOOST foresees a unique type of Voucher with a maximum value of 10.000€ funding for the selected, after evaluation, innovative project submitted by the blue MSME/Start-up 100% (no co-financing schemes are accepted), including the current VAT in the country of the Pilot Project Partner.
  • For more information, interested parties can address to the responsible BLUE_BOOST pilot partners, whose specific contact persons’ information is available at the aforementioned Call for Proposals.
  • The submitted applications will be evaluated at regional level by Selection Boards composed by Local Innovation Committees members (specialists in blue-growth / trans-sectoral innovation and pilot project partners representatives). Awarded MSMEs/Start-ups and related Knowledge Providers will have six (6) months from the date of entering in force of the relative contract to conclude their innovative projects.
  • MSMEs registered in BLUE_BOOST Gallery as Knowledge Providers are not eligible for applying for a voucher under this Call.