In the framework of the BLUE_BOOST project, a transnational database of Knowledge Providers will be drawn: blue growth experts and ‘new innovation agents’ (makers, fab-labs, co-working spaces etc) from the ADRION area, willing to offer their expertise to blue growth companies to help them innovate, can register as Knowledge Providers.

Companies awarded with BLUE_BOOST Innovation Vouchers will thus select from this database a Knowledge Provider that best suits their innovation needs, and will use their innovation voucher to pay these KPs for providing their expert services.

Thus, being part of the BLUE_BOOST transnational database of Knowledge Providers offers a series of concrete opportunities and benefits:
•be the ultimate beneficiaries of the BLUE_BOOST Innovation Vouchers;
•travel for free to ADRION cities to attend BLUE_BOOST Hackathons and the Transnational Brokerage Event in Thessaloníki;
•promote their expertise and innovation coaching services in a transnational context.

The Call for Expression of Interest for Knowledge Providers with eligibility requirements and all other details will be realeased on February 1st, 2019.