BLUE_BOOST will provide up to €350.000 for at least 35 small-scale projects under the Blue Innovation Voucher Scheme, in order to fund the implementation of innovation projects developed by companies.

After the preparatory coaching and networking activities, i.e. Blue Labs, Scenario Workshops and Blue Hackathons, the BLUE_BOOST project will issue a Call for Innovation Vouchers targeting the Micro-Small-and-Medium-Sized companies and Start-Ups operating within traditional and emerging blue growth sectors.

Companies interested in innovating in those sectors will thus select a suitable expert from the BLUE_BOOST Database of Knowledge Providers and in view of applying for an Innovation Voucher together with him will start designing their small scale innovation project.

Successful companies will be awarded up to €10.000 innovation vouchers that will allow for a full development and the actual implementation of their respective innovation projects, thanks to the expert guidance of the selected Knowledge Providers.

The Call for Innovation Vouchers is expected to be issued on April 1st, 2019.