Maritime clusters within ADRION regions are characterized by a high heterogeneity of activities, a tangible interaction gap between their respective four helixes and a poor attitude to inter-clustering, especially at a trans-sectoral level.

BLUE_BOOST aims at unlocking and boosting the potential of knowledge and technology transfer, transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation of key innovation actors within Blue Growth sectors by reinforcing the relations and interactions within and among related clusters, according to an open source, knowledge sharing and community-based approach.

Cooperation with ‘new innovation agents’, i.e. fab-labs, co-working spaces, makerspaces, innovation hubs, living labs, tech-shops, etc. is the key element for bridging the gap between the four helixes of the targeted maritime clusters.

The goal is to explore possible sectoral cross-fertilizations, new ideas and expertise, new alliances and networking between individuals, communities, enterprises, organizations and institutions of the Blue Economy.